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          Tianmen: a baler is subsidized by 30 thousand yuan

          2018-03-02 15:33:38 admin
          Now is the wheat harvest season, recently, into the Tianmen Jiang Lake farm, this piece of golden wheat, with the wind ups and downs, people feel like being in a sea of gold.
          Different from previous years, farmers had fewer pictures to harvest wheat with sickle, and more scenes were harvested with harvesters. There were fewer scenes of straw abandoning, and there was a lot of packaging with straw balers.
          In koppa Hu Fen Chang side of the road, a diameter of about 1.2 meters of the straw bag lying in the field, the staff of stacking and finishing. "Straw Jinshao, comprehensive utilization benefits." Farm cadres Zhou Bo said.
          This year, the wheat planting area of Jiang Hu farm was 25 thousand mu. On the one hand, farms encourage farmers to arrange straw balers, subsidize the new owners of straw packers, subsidize 30 thousand yuan for each machine, and increase publicity to encourage large farmers to recycle straw.
          Straw packing not only allows farmers to properly handle straw, but also allows farmers to get feed reserves, and the harvester owners can get package subsidies from farmers.
          Koppa Hu Fen Chang Li Kun, planting more than 200 acres of wheat this year. Wang Ping is a large cattle field, the two soon became a couplet". "Li Kun does not need to worry about how to deal with the straw, and I don't have to worry about what the cattle should eat this winter." Wang Ping said happily.